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If you are excitedly waiting to see how my butterflies were lined up – my blog has moved!!!

The new address is:  http://frombootstostamps.com

Please add this to your subscription service, change any links/bookmarks, and come on by and visit me!!!

Here is the link to the post you’re looking for over there.


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My Blog Has Moved!!!

I will not be deleting this blog, otherwise when people click on my links left in various online communities, they would be broken.  However, as of today, no new posts will be added at this site address.


My new blog address is:  http://frombootstostamps.blogspot.com

See you there!!!

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I’ve Decided….

After much conversation with the hubby, speaking with my brother-in-law (a partner in an accounting firm), thought and prayer, I am going to remain a demonstrator through the end of December…at least.  I’ll re-evaluate in December 2010 for 2011.   I’ve told all of my customers and my downline, so now I’m posting this here.

I have many reasons why stopping might be the right thing (one of the main ones being the PAIN that it is that I do our taxes and being in the military and adding SU! to the mix really complicates them), but I also have many reasons why I really don’t want to quit.  I’ll spare you the details.  I am going to continue to hope for and try to create situations where I might finally (after almost a year and a half!) get a local customer that doesn’t already “belong” to another demonstrator who was already in the area before we moved here.  We will be moving from Dover in 2011/2012 anyway (not sure yet exactly when) so if I can just hang on, maybe where the Air Force sends us next will be better for me and I’ll be able to have events again.  Workshops are really what makes me happy as a demo – I LOVE to teach and share stamping.

I just thought I would let you all know 🙂  Have a great weekend!

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Merry Christmas!!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!

May you all receive those blessings you stand in need of in this upcoming New Year, and my wish for you is that you can go and do and be the things that you desire. 

Until next year….. 🙂

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or know someone who is…

Please take a look at our ad for our piano.  We’ve got to get it out of our house before we move again (not any time soon, but I don’t need to be worrying about this when the time does come).    http://delaware.craigslist.org/msg/1485919379.html

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I hope to post soon.  I have a couple of cards that I haven’t shown you – but neither were completed recently.  Unfortunately my me/crafting time has been nil.  Anyway – to update you on the big decision I recently made – with lots of thought and prayer, I decided to resign as a SU! demonstrator effective February 1st (my last round of Stamps in the Mail is in January).  It really is what will be best for my family and also myself.  I am very at peace with the decision.  It does mean that this blog may become obsolete at that point, or even before, but know that whatever happens, I have really enjoyed “meeting” all of you.  I wish that moving around in the military was more conducive to being a demonstrator.  If I could have just stayed in Texas, all would be well and fine, but that’s not how it is.  So, again, thank you for everything and hopefully in the next couple of days I’ll get something actually interesting up on my blog for you to see 🙂

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At last….

My husband is home and our family is complete.  BUT….I guess things couldn’t stay perfect for long.  We are dealing with some personal issues in our family right now and I will not be posting in the very near future.  I hope that I will be able to be back sometime in November.  I just feel like I’m about to fall apart with what is happening and stamping is definitely going to have to take a VERY back seat right now.  In advance, because I know you all are so FABULOUS and will offer them, I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

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