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Paper and Ribbon Share!!!

In Colors

If you are interested in a paper or ribbon share with the new In Colors, Designer Series Papers and Polka Dot Grosgrain Ribbon, please e-mail me for complete details.  My e-mail is mariemc01@gmail.com

I am offering the NEW Designer Series Papers (including the Write Stuff Specialty Paper which includes die cuts in addition to the papers) for $20.  You get 69 sheets of 6×6 papers from each of the 12 new DSP packages.

If you want to add on the returning DSP, there are 6 pkgs that will be in the new catalog again.  You will get 36 6×6 sheets for another $10.

For the In Colors Patterns DSP, you’ll also be able to add them on (36 6×6 sheets) for $10.

The 1/2″ Polka Dot Ribbon share will get you 3 yards of each of the 6 new In Colors for just $10.

DETAILS (ie Shipping):
I will need 8 people to fill each DSP share and 6 to fill each ribbon share.  I will be shipping via Flat Rate boxes for the DSP and via regular USPS for the ribbon, so your price will depend on what you order.  1 DSP share will be $5, and multiple orders of DSP will ship for $10.  The ribbon I will charge $2 for, regardless of how many shares you order.  Adding the ribbon on to a Paper Share order will not add on any extra shipping – it will fit fine in the flat rate box appropriately sized for your DSP order.  I will order the paper packs and ribbon for the shares as soon as each group is full (your payment guarantees your spot).  Any group that has filled by July 1st will be ordered that day.  I will keep you informed of any delays in shipping but I highly encourage you to order before July 1st so that there is as little wait as possible!!

Clear as mud?  Please join me!!  It’s a great way to get a sampling of everything without breaking the bank!!!


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Paper Share!!!!

I don't know about you, but I know I would LOVE to get my hands on all of the new papers in the Idea Book & Catalog!!!  So, I'm putting together another paper share.  How would you like to get 6×6 sheets of the GORGEOUS Designer Series Papers (pgs 158-161), Specialty Designer Series Papers (pg 158) and Taste of Textiles Papers (pg 156)???  In case you hadn't noticed, the Rockabilly Specialty Paper has glossy accents, and the Sweet Slumber, To the Nines and Parisian Breeze Papers are textured AND they're almost as thick as card stock!!!

People that have participated in past shares have loved them because it's a way to get the perfect amount of Designer Series Paper for card making and scrapbooking, without having to go broke.  Did you know that if you purchased all of the papers in the share in their complete packages you would have to spend OVER $260?????? 

I have divided the shares into groups, and you can purchase just the group you would like, or you can add on another, or even buy them ALL!!!  In each share, you will get a 6×6 sheet of EACH paper in the packages named.  Group 1 costs slightly more because it includes the Taste of Textiles Papers in addition to one Specialty Paper and 4 Designer Series Papers.  If you buy all four groups, we will discount your price to $70!!!!!  ETA – I only have slots left to purchase ALL of the groups.  The cost to you is $70 unless you live in the Dover area in which case it will be less.  Please e-mail me if you have any questions!!!

Group 1:  Taste of Textiles, Rockabilly Specialty, Urban Garden, Manchester, Raspberry Tart, Tea Party   cost:  $21.75

Group 2:  Parisian Breeze Specialty, Jackpot, Pink Flamingo, Urban Oasis, Washington Apple       cost:  $19.00

Group 3:  To the Nines Specialty, Bella Rose, Bella Birds, Sweet Always, Flock Together              cost:  $19.00

Group 4:  Sweet Slumber Specialty, Candy Lane, Rainbow Sherbet, Good Morning Sunshine, Bella Bleu  cost:  $19.00

So, please e-mail me (mariemc01@gmail.com) if you are interested in participating, and we can work out your payment arrangement.  Take care, and have a great day!!!

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Shares GALORE!!!


Do you want some of SU!'s accessories but perhaps you don't want as many as come in a package?  Well, then my shares are just right for you!!  My customers took a survey a few months ago and based on the results the following are the shares we're doing.  If you would like more information (it was a long e-mail to explain all of the amounts and costs, etc.) I will e-mail it to you rather than having a huge post here.  I need to know by September 16th so I can inform the participants of their cost based on what shipping will be necessary and what shares filled.  My e-mail is mariemc01@gmail.com and the shares I'm offering are the following:

Chipboard – Something Seasonal, Essentials, Loads of Letters (pgs 180-181 in the IB&C)

Rhinestone Brads – Square/Circle in Fire/Ice (pg 185 in the IB&C)

ALL of the SU! Buttons Available (pg 187 in the IB&C)

Clips Assortment – they come in the wire clip, small library clip and wide clip (pg 184 in the IB&C)

Flower Fusion and Flower Fusion Too (pg 182 in the IB&C)

ALL of the Simply Scrappin' Kits (pgs 172-175 in the IB&C)

I will allow combining of shipping – which makes the shares cost even less if you buy more than one.

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Are you loving it?

ETA – This paper share is CLOSED (FULL).

So, are you totally in love with EVERYTHING in the new SU! Idea Book & Catalog?!?!  I am!!!  Do you want a free Classic Ink Pad?  Well, I have a paper share that I'm doing with my customers – there are several groups featuring different packs of the NEW Designer Series Papers (you get 6×6 sheets of all the pages in the packs in the group you select) and if you would like more info about it and how to get a free Classic Ink Pad please e-mail me at:  mariemc01@gmail.com BY AUGUST 25th!!!!

This is a great way to get all of the papers you want, some free goodies from me, and save money doing it!!!!

Did I mention that there are FREE ink pads to be had by participating in my share???  Wasn't sure… 😉

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Ribbon Share Anyone?

I’m doing a SU! ribbon share for my customers. They’re lucky because if they live here in Del Rio, they’re not paying any shipping. I thought I’d see if there’s any interest out there from any of you. I will post the chart and info below, and then you will pay the flat rate shipping for either an envelope or box, depending on how much you order. I am opening this share to any of you that live in the US. I don’t think flat rate shipping applies to Canadians. If it does, then we will allow you to join too. So, if you’re interested, shoot me an e-mail using the e-mail option in the sidebar, or by pasting this e-mail address into your “To” box. mcclellans@stx.rr.com

This share is for SU! ribbon, and the chart shows all info you should need. Depending on the number of colors of ribbon and number of yards on a roll, you will see the math done below showing you how much you need to pay. The price includes tax, but not shipping. For example, in the Taffeta ribbon share, you would pay $7.02 and you would get eight different colored, 1.25 yards of Taffeta ribbon (instead of one roll of one color). Be sure to note that because SU! ribbon is “approximate” in length when you purchase it, I have to round down ever so slightly to ensure that everyone gets the same number of yards. You can do the math yourself to see what I mean. Just divide the number of yards by the number of colors that ribbon-type comes in, and you’ll see how many yards you should get, and then I round it down slightly to make sure that if the roll runs short like it can, you all get the same amount.

Below you will see the ribbon shares available, and the cost for one spot in that share. If you want more than one spot, then just multiply the number of spots you want by the price for one, and I will make sure to cut your ribbon in one piece, rather than, for example if you buy 3 spots, three 1.25 yard segments. Make sense?

I accept PayPal, but wait to pay until we figure out what kind of flat rate shipping you will need based on how much you order. All of this ribbon is on page 190 and it’s such a great way to sample all of the colors without having to buy all of them! (I couldn’t get my “pretty” chart to paste in here, so I had to insert commas so you would be able to more easily separate the columns – sorry!)

It’s going to be a quick turnaround because I would like to close this share tomorrow or early Saturday morning at the latest. Let me know through e-mail what you want and I will work out shipping with you!

Ribbon Type, # Colors, # Yards of each color, Price

Taffeta, 8, 1.2, $7.02

5/8” Grosgrain, 8, 1.8, $8.55

¼” Grosgrain, 15, 1, $5.32

Double-Stitched, 6, 2.4, $9.62

Gingham, 6, 2.4, $8.07

****due to the number of yards on a roll, one color had to be left out of the 1/4″ grosgrain share and I decided to leave out the vanilla

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Just to update all those of you in my coaster share. They shipped on Friday and will be here this Friday (the 16th). I will do my best to get them out Monday/Tuesday of next week. I have a Stamp Camp this Saturday, so please bear with me. They will be on their way AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!

Just for fun, another one of those silly quizzes:

You Follow Your Head

You’re rational, collected, and logical.
Generally, it takes you quite a while to fall in love.
In fact, you’ve even been accused of being very picky.
While you’re cool, you’re not ice cold.
You just know what you want, and don’t mind waiting to get it.

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Coasters Have Been Ordered

I’m still missing money from some of you. I WILL NOT send them to you if I don’t have your money by the time the coasters arrive. I guess that just means more for me (I’ll be SWIMMING in coasters!). See this post to find out if I’ve received your money. If I get it after they come, I will shred your check and let you know. Thanks.

I ordered the coasters today, and there was a price increase.The coaster prices went up since they last quoted SCS users. I just wanted to let you know that there was an increase so that you aren’t surprised if you try to do one of these shares again and the prices are different. To my best guess, they’ve increased as such (but I’m not a math whiz) and this is JUST AN FYI (it probably will be less than $1 per increment of 50):

50 – $6.55
100 – $10.05
200 – $15.10
300 – $18.10

I do appreciate all of the cute cards so far, too!!! Thanks, ladies!!

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