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STILL no help from Typepad

Well, I still can't upload pictures.  If any of you have Typepad, has your site been upgraded?  They're doing them in batches.  If it has, are you not having problems uploading pictures?  Mine are saved the same way I always have, and based on posts just days ago you can see that I've not had problems before uploading a .jpg (jpeg) file.  This STINKS!!!


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First gripe about Typepad

Typepad got back to me with a response of how to fix my problem.  The problem is that their solution was obviously not what is causing the problem because it was an easy to follow solution from them, and it didn't fix the problem. 

When I try to upload any picture I get this "sweet" little message that says, "Sorry, this file doesn't look valid."  It's a bunch of GARBAGE!!!  I just got told the other day that my Typepad had been upgraded (yesterday, actually) and as you can see, ever since I haven't been able to upload any photos. Please bear with me through this as I have NO IDEA how to fix the problem and Typepad is not responding.  Do any of you know what I can do?  I am so frustrated, and as you may know, Typepad is not free -  I pay for this blog – and I can't use it for my intended purpose.

If you do have help for me, know that I am GREATLY appreciative!!!!

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So, as Nancy says…

This SUCKS!!! I think that I lost all of my subscribers, in addition to my hit counter, and all kinds of stuff. I found this template and I think I’ve decided to stick with it, no matter how sick of it I get. I like that it has a picture for me and I don’t have to do anything but type. I wanted some sort of stamping/cutesy header, but oh well. I’m pretty upset after losing everything. I have made a lot of really dumb mistakes lately. I don’t like feeling incompetent – and I don’t usually experience that feeling a lot, until this last week. First my wallet, now this. I totally saved my template in a word document, but stupid me didn’t think about the fact that pasting that back in would make me lose all of the “code” that makes up my sidebar.

So….if you subscribe to my blog you’ll be getting a message from it/me about me re-creating my subscription list.

As soon as I’m done with this post, that’s the first thing I’m going to add back. Then my counter which I’ll start at 63,500 since I don’t know how much past 63,500 it had gotten. If you happen to remember a larger number when you visited I would be glad to know. Then I’ll add back the location tracker ’cause I really like it.

Tomorrow I’ll start to get back to work on my blog roll, so in this post if you want to be added to it let me know!

Have a great night!

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That reminds me of that song that starts out, “I’ve been a bad, bad girl….” At least, I think there’s a song that sounds like that and that line is stuck in my head now. Anyway, I’m being humorous because there isn’t much humor in the situation.

I left my wallet in the shopping cart at Wal-Mart after trying to be a good mommy and get my kids quickly in the car and put my car away in the little cart receptacle thing. Even pushing it across the aisle to the receptacle my 20/20 eyes didn’t notice I was leaving my wallet.

I get to McDonald’s because the kids were starving and I was going to treat them to McDonald’s because they hadn’t had it yet here in Oklahoma and I was going to just make dinner for me and the DH to eat a little late.

I order the kids food, get to the window, and OH NO!!!!!!!!

I call Wal-Mart enroute back to it to see if it had been turned in. Of course, it’s not the perfect world I try to assume it is, and no one had turned it in.

I hit EVERY SINGLE stop light on the way back. I get to Wal-Mart and get stopped at the light where I can see the parking lot for about a minute (I said every light, didn’t I?). I can see the cart guys go to my cart receptacle and get the three carts in there. I know mine was the 2nd one. I know they haven’t already gotten my cart because I’ve only been gone a little under 10 minutes and when we were leaving they had JUST gotten the carts – that’s why mine was only the 2nd one in the receptacle when they put it there.

I watched from the stop light as they grabbed the 3 carts and I could see that they didn’t discover anything in any of them, or reach in and take anything, so I sure the wallet was not in the cart anymore.

Just in case, I drive up to the cart guy like a crazy woman and ask if he found a wallet. He says no. He says I can check the carts at the front of the store. My kids are whining now – “Mommy, we’re really hungry!” I ask them to please let mommy be.

I go to the front of the store to the hundreds of carts, hear my kids crying in the car – I didn’t turn it off, I just kind of pulled it up to the sidewalk where all the carts were. I realize that my wallet wouldn’t have let the cart guys push the next cart in because it would have stopped the basket from opening all the way for the next cart to be shoved inside. All of the carts look perfectly pushed inside one another.

I scan them as quickly and as best as I can and get back in the car and pull into a parking spot to call my bank to close my debit card with them. That was the most important card and I didn’t want anyone to go on a Wal-Mart shopping spree.

The good news is that by the time I got home (I only called the bank before going home to give the girls cereal for dinner since we had no left-overs, I hadn’t gotten to cook, and that was easiest) and called all of the other cards in there, none had been used. I didn’t have any cash in there, just an endorsed check for $35 (I know, dumb me – I was going to take it on the base and cash it but hadn’t).

The BAD news is that between my Air Force Reserve ID and my dependant one, and my AND EACH OF MY KIDS social security cards, EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF MY FAMILY has their social security numbers compromised!!!!!!!! How stupid could I be, you ask? Pretty stupid. Most of you probably hardly ever use your SS numbers much anymore. Well, in the military, you use them ALL THE TIME. I can’t tell you how many times at random places I’ve had to supply my kids SSN’s and I don’t know them, so I’ve started carrying the cards around. Now I know how stupid that is!!!

Anyway, lesson learned – don’t be like Marie and carry stuff like that. I’ve never lost a wallet before and this is what happens when I do, because of what I carried in the wallet.

I don’t even really know what to do about it, other than to get replacement cards. I sure hope because it’s a small town and whoever took the wallet out of the cart obviously took it to steal from it since they didn’t take it into the customer service desk, that they won’t go through the effort to “steal” our SSNs or anything. They can have the check, I don’t care, but I just wish I could have everything else in there that isn’t a credit/debit card or that check. Those things are easy to replace. All of the other little cards and things I shove in there, my military IDs and SSN cards aren’t. Oh well….now you know what I’ve got going on the next few days.

I called the police like USAA (my bank) said to do. Hopefully they’ll review the security camera footage today. MAYBE something will come of it. I’d rather just see my wallet get stuck in the garbage then see it drive off with someone!

I’m going to go get a new driver’s license today, and get new military IDs. We may have to get SS cards today too. So, no stamping for me in the near future!

Please learn from my mistakes!! People aren’t all nice and won’t just turn in a wallet they find, so make sure if they find yours it’s all things you can cancel quickly and won’t compromise your credit/identity future.

Have a great day!

PS – now I have to get a license and military IDs before I’ve lost the weight I want to from the baby I had TEN MONTHS AGO (I know, I’m pathetic at weight loss), so that’s STINKY in and of itself. I have to be FAT on my cards!!!!!! 😉 Again – trying to be humorous since I feel so angry.

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So, I’ve been having contractions pretty much 24/7 since 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning. Of course, they’re not fun, but they’re not getting “worse” like they’re supposed to so that they’re actually “pushing” contractions. They’ve gotten more intense than when they began, but they’re only around 1 minute long (supposed to be 90 seconds to go to the hospital) and anywhere from 7 to 10 minutes apart (supposed to be 5 min apart for me to go in to the hospital). I guess it’s good that they’re happening, even though they make sleep pretty difficult. It means SOMETHING is happening, which means less to do later. My midwife friend, labor/delivery nurse friend, and several other people experienced in labor and delivery were all SURE that I would have been having the baby by now, but at least it looks like it really shouldn’t go longer than possibly Thursday. At least the end is in sight, but I WANT HIM TO COME NOW!!!!!!! 🙂 I want to go home, and I want to be able to sleep, contraction free, and to have a little baby to hold and love!! Anyway, I’m just getting impatient, but I understand that every birth is different, and this one just appears to be heading towards the longest, slowest-progressing birth EVER!!!! 😉 Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that despite the great start, my body and the baby seem to be perfectly happy to give me one minute contractions just far enough apart to not really do much other than dilate me! Take care, and I’ll keep everyone posted!

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Last Card….

For a little while at least. I’ve got a TON to do to get ready to leave my house, with my two kids, and leave my husband and 2 dogs behind until our baby decides to join our little family. I leave on Monday for San Antonio and I just have to tell you that I’ve packed nothing, and have a very short list made of “things to do” so I’m feeling a little behind. I won’t have time before I leave to do any posting. For my own sanity, I’m going to try to take some stamping stuff with me for in our hotel room – I could potentially be there for FIVE WEEKS!!!! If I get stuff made there, I will see what I can come up with as far as uploading it. I’m not too sure how that will work since I will probably be using library computers and I doubt they want me to plug my camera in and upload pictures. So – it may be a while before you hear from me. On that note, I don’t want everyone to forget about me. I’ve LOVED hearing from each of you when you comment on my posts and it makes me a little happier each day to see how many of you care. So – SUBSCRIBE to my blog so that you don’t waste time checking to see if there’s anything new. I have a subscribe bar through Feedblitz on the right, and Google Reader works really well too.

Here comes some ranting….I am putting in a negative plug for Stamping Top 50. Forever I’ve had their little icon over there and have enjoyed watching my number drop. Most recently I was at 123. That amazes me because I’m obviously no Beate or other such stamper/blogger, but at least there are people out there that like to check in on me. Anyway, one day the little counter just stopped counting, so I contacted them, and they never replied back. This is the 2nd time I’ve had an issue. The first time I figured it out with the help of some of you, but even then I asked the site for help and they never got back. I think they only want to have their site advertised by us and don’t take the time to actually answer back, even though they say they usually take no more than 48 hours or so to do so. Well, it’s been days since I asked, with no response. So, lesson here, if you think you want their little counter, have at it. When it stops working though, don’t expect any help from the people you’re advertising for!!!

Here’s my card. Two things to say about it since you might not see the details: I stamped the background of the Soft Sky card with Soft Sky on my Canvas BG stamp, stamped off once for a lighter effect. I also distressed the edges of my Whisper White CS with my finger nail. This was a quick card I had to make 3 of to give as thanks to individuals/stores that donated products/items for the 72-hour kits I mentioned in today’s earlier post. Enjoy!!

Stamp Sets: Natural Beauty (retiring), Holidays & Wishes (Fall – Winter 2007 Preview set), Canvas BG
Card Stock: Soft Sky (Fall – Winter 2007 Preview CS), Whisper White, My Mind’s Eye “Magnolia” paper from Costco paper pack
Ink: Soft Sky, Brown StazOn
Accessories: Blender Pen, Paper Piercing Tool, Paper Piercing Guide, Chocolate grosgrain, Dimensionals

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For Now….

I do have a card to show you later, but for now I thought I would refer you to Sarah Moore’s blog post on using chipboard. She has some ADORABLE cards that she made using chipboard in ways you might never think to use it to create cute little animals. They are so fun!! Click here to see her post.

I’ve been going nuts since last night, so I’m a little unorganized at the moment and that’s why I won’t have my usual early morning post. While I was at a function at church learning how to have 72-hour kits for each member of my family in case of emergency (they contain food, a change of clothes, water, flashlights, etc.) my husband was busy being told by our 2 year-old that there was a bug in the bathroom. He thought it was an ant or something, but Sarah took him in there and showed him a SCORPION hiding under her potty seat on the floor (you know, the kind you put on the potty for potty-training). AHHHHH!!!!!! Last year Emma was stung by one in the bath tub – long story and HORRIBLE experience – while it was SUBMERGED in the water (that little nasty thing lived for over 45 minutes submerged before we finally dumped it on the asphalt at the hospital parking lot and stepped on it). Thank goodness, as much as the stings can hurt, there’s an imaginary line somewhere between here and Arizona and the poisonous scorpions aren’t here. I can’t believe they can say that as a blanket statement, but supposedly none here are poisonous. You CAN have an allergic reaction to them though, and thank goodness Emma didn’t last year. So…my hubby caught it and flushed it and then when I got home he told me about it and all I could think/dream about last night was scorpions crawling all over my house. I didn’t get much sleep. Today I’m going to get out some heavy-duty insecticide that I have and call the company and find out how much to use per gallon of water to treat my house (both for the local mammoth roaches and other bugs, and scorpions) because we got this stuff after the scorpion last year and I haven’t used it much since. I’m also super paranoid about insecticides around my kids and dogs. We’ll see what info I can get from the company.

SO – I will post a card later, and will try to figure something out so that I can sleep…can’t you just see a scorpion falling in the crib with my little baby when I bring him home in July?!!?!?! That’s what I’m thinking about right now! 😦

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