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It’s interesting that quilling is becoming popular with stampers. It’s something that I started doing when I was 13 and have done a little of since then, but have been thinking of putting on a card for about a year now. I, obviously, haven’t gotten around to it, and now it will look like I’m just following the current trend. Aren’t we funny like that? Anyway, I made this quilled piece for my mother’s wedding announcement and she then had it framed. I’m not showing the two other parts of the announcement where I did the whole “I should stop now but I’m going to add more”, thing, and to this day I wish I hadn’t put those parts on it but you can’t take it off once it’s glued to the announcement with the glue I used then. I am definitely going to have to do some quilling on a card soon. I still have all of the little tools and guides for all kinds of quilled shapes that you can then turn into anything from a flower or grapes, to a cat or turtle. Anyway, hopefully you will enjoy what I made when I was younger. If you click on the images they should open up larger so that you can see them a little closer.


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