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It’s GREAT.  Check it out.

Just click on the picture to download and view the BRAND NEW Holiday Mini Catalog or find it located in my right side-bar when you come back and visit in the future.


Enjoy.  Contact me to order.  Have it shipped straight to your door by clicking on the “Order SU! Online” button to the right.


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Here’s the little ornament that I posted earlier today.  I had a lengthy explanation about it – that I gave it to my sister, and how I made it, but I will forgo that since I just want to get it posted again and hopefully you will “see” it.  I’m sure you’d rather not read my normal essay anyway! 😉 he he he Let me know if you get this e-mailed to you via your preferred subscription method.  I would appreciate it!!

ETA:  Below the picture are step-by-step (lengthy) instructions.  I love to talk – would you expect anything else!!! 🙂


Stamps:  Merry & Bright
Ink:  Black StazOn, SU! markers
Accessories:  heat tool, Sticky Strip (to adhere ribbon), red gingham ribbon, 2-way Glue Pen (to adhere glitter), Dazzling Diamonds glitter, Krylon acrylic sealant

The ornament is fairly easy to make. Here’s what I did:
1.  Stamp image in black StazOn on Domino.  You could use other colors of StazOn, but I have never tried stamping in any other ink other than that so I don’t know how it would do – if it would bleed, be permanent, etc.

2.  Heat set the image with your heat tool.  I usually do this for about 30-60 sec. depending on how large the stamped area is.  Allow it to cool.
3.  Using Krylon clear acrylic sealant, spray a VERY fine layer onto the domino in a well-ventilated area.  I typically do this outside on a piece of newspaper.  I hold the spray at least 30 inches away from the domino to ensure that it is a fine spray.  I usually test spray in the air to ensure that the nozzle is spraying a fine mist and not any large droplets.  If it is, you simply need to spray it some to remove any clogs.  Also, a good rule of thumb is to turn the can completely upside-down and spray until nothing comes out when you are done using it so that it is stored with no paint in the tube. 
4.  Allow thin layer of Krylon to dry about 5 min and then spray one more thin layer on it.  You should be able to see a different sheen to the domino where the Krylon has “landed” so if your coverage isn’t very good, you can spray one more layer.
5.  Using your heat tool re-heat the domino for another 30 seconds to ensure that they Krylon is dry.
6.  Color in any parts of your image that you want using the fine tip end of your Stampin’ Up! markers.  I’ve never tried any others, but would assume they should work – even a Sharpie should work and might even bleed less.
7.  Immediately after coloring part of the image in one color, heat the colored part for 20-30 seconds with your heat tool and then take a Kleenex and very carefully lay it over the image and press your finger down without any side-to-side movement to remove any excess ink.  I do this until pressing does not remove any ink.  If I’m not satisfied with what the image looks like after doing so, I touch it up.  Do this with all remaining coloring to be done.
8.  After last of coloring is done, heat the domino for 20-30 seconds again for a final heat set and then you will spray it again with your Krylon acrylic sealant in the same method as listed above, for 2 coats – 3 if needed.
9.  Apply 2-way Glue pen to parts that you want glitter and immediately dip in your Dazzling Diamonds glitter.
10.  Put strips of sticky strip that are 1″ long around each of the 4 corners.  I find it unnecessary to wrap the entire outer edge of the domino in Sticky Strip.  Wrap your desired ribbon around the whole domino tying the loose ends in a bow at the top.
11.  Slip ornament hook beneath knot of bow to hang on your tree.
That’s it!!  Hopefully the steps make sense.  I tried to explain everything I could think of as if you had never done any stamping like this before. If you’re familiar with stamping on tiles or some other such surface you may want to do what you’re familiar with.  As you make these you may also find better ways of doing things, or ways that suit you better.  Do what works for you!  Happy stamping, and I would love to see what you create!!!

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DSCN5313 This ornament uses my Big Shot, Circle 3-D Ornament Bigz die, some papers from the Go. Be Creative. November kit (Green Tea and Ginger) that you can see HERE, some ribbon (Riding Hood Red Taffeta), some buttons from the GBC kit, some white crochet thread, and some glue and glue dots to adhere everything together.  I thought it was funny – okay, sometimes little things make me smile, that my oval-shaped ornament is made up of circles (the pieces of paper) and triangles (the shapes that the circles are scored and folded into).  He he he….or not, I guess if you don't think it's kind of ironic.  Hope you like it!!

As for tomorrow, I will post in the evening my CBC02 card.  Hopefully some of you will play along!!!!  I feel kind of lonely in the challenge right now.  Check out the challenge and the GORGEOUS wedding cake that is the inspiration piece.  The reason for posting later, is so that you, I and everyone, can


PS – Having to use my hubby's computer so I can't edit my photos at all.  Sorry for the photo tent background!!!

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I'm not sure if you've seen any of the ornaments from this FUN kit that SU! has in the upcoming Holiday Mini Catalog, but they are SO FUN!!! You can customize the size of your ornament depending on how big you want it.  For this ornament, I used 8 circles.  You could use just 4, on up to whatever even number your little stampin' heart desires!!!  I love the patternedpaper used for this kit – it's SO pretty and perfect for the Christmas tree.  The best part is that you can make over SIXTY FIVE ornaments with this kit, and it's only $19.95.  That's a great deal!!  Also, you can obviously make these without the kit – simply punch a bunch of circles and score them, but these circles come pre-scored so you don't have to figure out how to get an even triangle scored onto your circle to fold the three sides!!!  I know I wouldn't want to do that – especially to make a lot of them!!!  So, add it to your wish-list of items from the Holiday Mini Catalog that you've seen in sneak peeks around the stamping world!!!

PS – the ornaments are pretty easy to put together, but you may want to play with the pieces before you permanently adhere them.  Some people have a harder time conceptualizing the geometry behind the circles, but by no means is it difficult or impossible!!!

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These were the only 3D items I made this year. The first picture is of an ornament made from the left-over tins from this project. The second is one of those Tootsie Roll banks that Wal-Mart has/had around Christmas-time. I used them for a Stamp Club project and also had this one to give to a friend as a gift. For the Tootsie Roll bank I used the Scratch n' Sniff embossing method that SU! shared with its demonstrators in a past issue of Stampin' Success and it DID NOT work well. I don't recommend it with unsweetened pudding. I think if you use Crystal Light, or maybe even sugar-free Jell-O it might work better. The pudding granules were too clumpy and didn't make for good embossing. You can see in the picture what I mean.

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This is not an original idea of mine, and I can’t remember which blog I saw it on to save my life (please let me know if it was your blog and I’ll edit this post to give credit where it is due), but I loved the idea of a simple ornament that you can make for teachers or friends, or even YOURSELF (can we do that – make things for OURSELVES?!?!?) to hang on the tree. It was SO EASY to make and I think it’s adorable. I only punched five scalloped circles but you could add more or even use only four – it all depends on what you want to do. It’s a great little project and with the upcoming Designer Series Paper special (buy 3 and get your fourth FREE!! but wait until November 1st to contact me to order some – when the special begins) it’s just perfect for the holidays! Hopefully the different views of the ornament will help you see how it’s made. I just glued each scallop to the next. You fold them each in half and glue just one side to the next scallop. Before I glued the last scallop on I put my cord in there with a little bit of glue and then added the last scallop. SU!’s elastic cord will make a nice loop for the ornaments. We’ll be making these as a little bonus project at my upcoming workshops and Stamp Club. Enjoy!

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I remember back in pre-school making an ornament out of some glue, toothpicks, paint and glitter. So, here’s my attempt at re-creating that opportunity for my girls. They started with a pool of Elmer’s glue on wax paper. They each did EVERYTHING themselves (I had to help Sarah squeeze the bottle hard enough, but I didn’t direct its flow) and I’m so proud 🙂 Next, they laid toothpics in the glue to resemble the rays of the sun, or as we call this ornament, like a star. We had to let it dry overnight. Then, with WASHABLE poster paint (it ended up everywhere!) they painted their stars, and chose from between the only two colors I had – green and red. Emma chose red and Sarah chose green. After painting, while the paint was still wet, they sprinkled (dumped in a pile in Sarah’s case at first) glitter over the ornament. Again, we let it dry overnight, and tah-dah!!!! Here they are on the tree.

Emma’s ornament:

Sarah’s ornament (more amoeba-like than star-like) :

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