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Project Dinosaur….


I don’t usually post my sewing on this blog, unless it involves something SU! oriented, but in this case I was just so excited to complete my first item that required using a pattern.  I make quilts, and follow a pattern, but I have never made an article of clothing. 

I LOVE to watch Project Runway and see what the designers are able to make out of the items (not always fabric) that are given to them for the creation of their outfits.  I wish I had even as much talent as they have in their pinky fingers.  For me, getting everything perfectly even and just right is a little too time consuming, and even with my best efforts, I’m not really able to get everything exactly right.  But, I guess there is some beauty in the amount of “go-with-the-flow” opportunities there are when sewing.   You can usually hide the small flaws. 

After making Daniel’s PJ pants yesterday, I have 2 more to make for him and 3 each to make for both of my girls.  I don’t think they’ll take as long now that I’ve done it once, and I have my friend Stephanie to thank for showing me how to work with a pattern. 

Oh, and I did slide the waist around a little to the left after noticing that the seam on the left was sitting on top of the leg (you’ll notice it in the picture below).  That was just due to how the fabric was bunched on the elastic band in the waist.  I only tacked the band in the back so they move a little around the waist when they’re not on. 

Also, Daniel does this funny thing where he crosses his toes, so no, they aren’t permanently like that 😉  My girls do it too.  It must be from their Daddy.  😀

Have a great weekend!!!




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Yesterday Emma started the part-day enrichment program at the CDC (Child Development Center) here on the base. Since she’s too young for kindergarten and our area doesn’t have a public pre-school program available, AND the private ones are “junk” here, I figured I would put her in the program at the CDC at least for the social interaction. She seems to be more advanced than the 4 year-olds in the program, at least when judging by handwriting. For me it will be a much appreciated 3 hours with only 2 children and a great opportunity for Emma to spend some time interacting with other kids and getting to to crafts and such, even if she already knows the things they spend time teaching (writing letters, counting, doing the alphabet, knowing shapes and colors, etc.). Here is a picture of her on her first day of “school” as she calls it. I need some advice though. When we tell her to smile, this is the wonderful face that she puts on 🙂 LOL What can I do to “teach” her how to smile? I am thinking we just shouldn’t say anything because a natural look would have to be “better” than this!!! 🙂

Here is a cute picture of Daniel and Sarah together and one of just Daniel. She had been “holding” him and Daddy snapped some pics, and then Sarah wanted to have more taken so he propped Daniel on the chair and snapped these two.

I want to thank Donna for her e-mail in response to my questions. It was reassuring even if it lets me know that he might not grow out of the reflux as soon as I’d hoped or that his hernia might not heal on it’s own. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my e-mail.

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Will it Ever End?????

I was intending on posting some pics today of RAK’s I got, but haven’t gotten a chance because last night I noticed that Daniel’s belly button looked “funny.” I remembered reading something when I had Sarah about hernias and so I called the doctor this morning to try and get an appointment with our pediatrician on the base. The doctor on the base was out sick today and the nurse said she wasn’t sure when the doctor would be back so I should try for an appointment downtown if I wanted to get him seen. So, I went to the doctor that I really like downtown and sure enough, Daniel has a small umbilical hernia. I guess there’s a hole in there behind his belly button and his bowels protrude sometimes and almost always when he’s crying or putting any pressure on his abdomen (when he turns his body funny, or even sneezes or when he laughs someday too). Funny I hadn’t noticed before, but he usually has his clothes on. Since it’s a relatively small hernia, they don’t do anything for it and it should heal itself. If it doesn’t by the time he’s four, that’s when they worry, or if it changes color pretty drastically or gets larger, or if the bowels get “stuck” out of the hole. The doctor told me what to look for, so I feel okay about it all, but I’m sure it doesn’t make Daniel feel any more comfortable to have to deal with that and his reflux. Poor baby!!!! I’m so thankful that we have such a great doctor and nurse on the base, and that there’s the doctor in town that I found (who’s relatively new to Del Rio) because they are great and I’m very confident in them. That makes such a difference! Poor Sarah had reflux and our old pediatrician on the base just kept telling me she had colic all day long, and that I was worrying about nothing. When we were out of town once when Sarah was about nine months old I used the excuse that she wasn’t feeling well to see a doctor there and his first comment was that she probably had reflux. He sent us to get an upper GI test done, and sure enough, she did. The meds fixed her problem really well and if only we’d had them sooner. Thank goodness she didn’t have any damage (that we know of) done to her esophagus. I just wish the meds worked better for Daniel. Anyway, now that we’re home I have lots to get done and won’t get to take the pics today. I will aim to do that tomorrow. I’m sorry for all of the delays lately. It’s not how I wish I could blog. Hopefully we will all settle down and Daniel will be healthy and normal soon. He’s crying now, so I’ve got to run. Thanks, and take care!!

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Sarah turns THREE today!!! She doesn’t know it though, because we’re waiting to celebrate when my in-laws get here. We’re going to do something fun today as a family, but we don’t want her to be disappointed that today she doesn’t get a cake and some presents. 🙂 She’s such a stinker, and I can’t believe she’s already three!!! Now we just have to get her potty trained. She has to believe that the potty isn’t just for her sister though, I think, for that to happen. Auggh!!! This pic is her telling us how old she’s going to be on her birthday. I think she thinks she gets to skip 3 and turn 4 like her sister 🙂

Here’s a couple of pictures of little Daniel. In the 2nd he’s sporting a new outfit from his Nana. Those are some high ridin’ pants!!! LOL He’s doing much better now, at least at night. Once we can get him to sleep he pretty much sleeps all night except for when I wake him up to feed him. I know – I should just let him sleep, but I don’t like feeling like I’m going to pop from not feeding him, even if it means an hour more of sleep 🙂 He’s still pretty fussy all day long, and the medicine has helped a bit, but I think his reflux is just something we’re going to have to endure for a while and we hope he grows out of it like his sister Sarah did.

For the blog candy – I would like to hear something simple. Your favorite SU! color combination. If you’re not familiar with SU! colors, you can click on the link to the right to the SU! Website (under Sites of Interest) and click on the link to the online catalog and on pages 165-167 are all of the SU! colors.

What will you win you’re asking????? Well, you will win, shipped direct to you (sorry – this is another US resident contest only – remember, I had a bunch of trouble shipping to Canada last time, I’m truly sorry) from me, ANYTHING out of the current SU! Idea Book and Catalog or Mini Catalog that is $20.95 or less. I will pay the additional tax and shipping on the item/s. Sound good?

This contest is going to be open until Tuesday, September 4th at 10:00 a.m. at which time I’ll use random.org to pick a random winner. PLEASE, only one comment per person and LEAVE YOUR NAME so that I know who to give the candy to. Thanks, and GOOD LUCK!!!

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Thank You!!!!!!!

I wanted to take a second to say thank you to everyone for the baby cards, gifts, and the birthday card for me. It’s my birthday next Saturday, but I won’t be posting from after today until sometime after the 25th because my sister is getting married on my birthday and we are driving to Lexington, KY for the wedding. Anyway, here are some pics of the items I’ve received from some really sweet ladies out there. Thanks so much, and I will post as soon as I can once we’re back in town at the end of the month. Thank you for your support and take care!!!

This first card is from Laura Barefoot. Isn’t that chipboard neat and I love the background paper!

These booties are from Tracy Harford (all the way from Canada!!!) and she said that the pattern was from Heather Bailey.

This card is from Julie Masse. I love how she colored in the stars and circles with a “sparkly” pen.

This last card is the one that was a RAK for my birthday from Nancy Elrick. It’s got one of those cute Bella images on it and I love the colors!! Would you believe that I still don’t have any Bella stamps?!?!? My life has been so crazy that it’s been all I could do to “stay” a SU! demo and buy what I needed to do that, much less any “extras” from other companies! I’m kind of getting tired of being a demo….we’ll see what happens with that as time goes on. SU! is not as appealing to me anymore as it doesn’t meet the expectations I have for it and how I had hoped it would evolve as different aspects of crafting have become popular. I’ll stop now… 🙂

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I got a call at 8:00 this morning from the clinic on base that I need to go into town by 9:30 to take Daniel in to get an “upper GI” done at the hospital. I think it’s purpose is to basically diagnose the acid reflux for real, and see what’s going on in there. With that said, I’ve got to run, but I wanted to let you know I’ll post the journal as soon as we get back. Oh, and everyone’s making me feel like I promised to show you some AMAZING piece of art!!! 🙂 It’s nothing spectacular, so don’t get upset when you’re like, “that’s not special!” It’s just a gift I made a little girl 🙂 Take care, and I’ll post it when we get home.

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Poor Baby….

I only have a moment to post (he’s already screaming again). Poor little Daniel has acid reflux and so unfortunately 95% (at least) of his waking hours are spent crying because he’s in pain. The medicine the doctor gave us isn’t work (at least not yet) so it’s been kind of miserable in our house. I hate not being able to do something to help one of my children, it’s hard.

I just wanted to say thank you to Tracy who sent some CUTE CUTE CUTE little booties for Daniel and Laura who sent an adorable card (aka Stampin’ Soldier). Thank you so much. Also, thank you Lynda for the thoughtful e-mail. I’m still here, just trying to get through this with the baby and not totally neglect my girls. I have done a TINY bit of stamping (out of necessity – too bad it wasn’t just ’cause I wanted to and had the time!) so hopefully I’ll be able to share that soon. Take care everyone, and I’ll get back to posting as soon as I can!!!

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